Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many countries do KiMiFi cover?
KiMiFi is a kind of global mobile Internet access service. KiMiFi is a portable global mobile hotspot without SIM card that allows Internet connection in over 144 countries and regions.
2. What’s the APP name?
KiMiFi's APP is also called KiMiFi, KiMiFi's device is called K5. Everyone can download it from iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
3. How to use KiMiFi K5?
1. Scan the QR code on the device to download APP (or search ‘KiMiFi’ in App Store or Play Store). 2. Register an account by E-mail. 3. Scan the device’s QR code again in the APP for activation. 4. Purchase data package by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, JCB and so on. 5. Press the “Power” button on the device to turn it on. 6. Wait for the device to connect the network, the signal light will turn on once connected successfully. 7. Connect Wi-Fi by the name and password shows on QR label.
4. How long does it take to connect to the Internet after KiMiFi power on?
Depends on the local network, usually, need to take 1-2 minutes. If it is first power on in the new country or region, the longest time will take about 10 minutes.
5. Why can't my device reach the speed of 150Mbps?
150Mbps is the peak download speed of the 4G network. The Internet speed will vary depending on the network strength and network capacity, so it is hard to reach the peak speed. Change your location and try again if the speed is slow.
6. I can make calls but cannot connect to the Internet in some places. Why?
Because surfing the Internet takes up more bandwidth than making phone calls, your phone can make calls in areas where network signal is poor.
7. How to make a call?
You can use some communication APP to make a call in your smartphone, for example, Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, FaceTime and so on.
8. Does the device support 4G\3G\2G?
Yes, KiMiFi K5 supports 4G\3G\2G.
9. Why is my data usage more than I expected during KiMiFi services?
The smartphone will auto-update APPs when connected to a Wi-Fi network, and it consumes a lot of data. To save data, set the KiMiFi Wi-Fi as a mobile hotspot on your phone. Besides, you can go to More to enable the Data Protection on K5 as well. Once enabled, K5 will automatically restrict big data usage from APP updates or auto sync. Notes: when you have Data Protection enabled, you are not allowed to connect to the App Store.
10. What should I do if my device is lost?
Please log into your account immediately, change your password and unlink your account from the device. Then your balance will be protected. Besides, you can also notify our customer service team.
11. How to check my data usage?
Please login your account in KiMiFi APP.
12. When I use ”LAN to Wi-Fi“, will it cost my credits in my account?
No. It costs no credit if you use "LAN to Wi-Fi".
13. What is the data rate of KiMiFi service?
It is charged based on data packages. To learn more about pricing, please refer to coverage and data packages or find in KiMiFi APP.
14. Will the speed be reduced?
Data package no speed limits.
15. How long can K5 work continuously?
More than 14 hours.
16. How long does K5 take to fully charge?
Approximately 3 hours.
17. How many devices can K5 support simultaneously?
5 devices can be connected to KiMiFi Wi-Fi simultaneously.
18. How to change my Wi-Fi name and password?
Connect KiMiFi Wi-Fi (KiMiFi_xxxxx) → Open "" on browser → Login (login / password: admin) → Input the Password (Wi-Fi name can't be changed) → Changed.
19. How to reduce unnecessary data usage?
It is important to remember that when a smartphone is connected to a data signal there may be certain APPs that auto-update, expending a lot of data traffic. We would, therefore, suggest setting your K5 network on the smartphone as a mobile hotspot to restrict APPs from using data in the background, if you have an Android device or iOS devices, turn off background refreshing in the general settings. Settings →Wireless & networks →Data usage → Mobile hotpots → Select KiMiFi_xxxxx.
20. Why cannot I open APP download platform or update APP when connected to KiMiFi network?
In order to protect our users from massive data usage, K5 is applying "Economize Data Usage" automatically. Under this mode, update and download of APPs and synchronize of cloud APPs will be forbidden. You can disable this setting temporarily by opening "" on browser → Login (login/password: admin) → Settings (Economize Data Usage) → Disable.
21. How can I use my SIM card and set up APN?
Start your K5 after inserting SIM card at the SIM slots. Connect KiMiFi Wi-Fi (KiMiFi_xxxxx) → Open ”" on browser → Login (login / password: admin) → Settings (SIM Card Management) → SIM1 →Complete.
22. Why does not my SIM card work?
SIM cards from some carriers are locked with a PIN. You need to unlock the PIN first to use it on K5.