Easy to Use

When you get the hardware device, please follow the steps to connect with KiMiFi.


1. Download and install 'KiMiFi' App (Google Play Store and iOS App Store search ‘KiMiFi’ ) .


2. Create your KiMiFi account, you can register your personal account by your email address.


3. Log in your account, in App [My Device] to activate device by scanning the QR Code from the inside label.


4. Buy the data package, paid by PayPal (the option inside include visa\Mastercard\JCB\American Express\DISCOVER and so on), WeChat Pay or Alipay.


5. After you arrive in the country or the district which the data package belongs to, power on device, until the signal light turns on.


6. When the Wi-Fi light is on without twinkling (May take a few minutes, please just wait), then you can use your other devices (mobile phone or laptop) to connect device.


7. Then you can management the device by browsing the web with user name 'admin' and password 'admin’ .


It is a definite worldwide product, so it is very very easy for everyone to use.